A Message from J.B. Buxton

Former State Deputy Superintendent, NC Department of Public Instruction

Principal, Education First Consulting

Raleigh, North Carolina


Dear All:

I know each one of you to be committed to public education and concerned about the future of Wake County’s schools. I am writing to ask for your help in the final weeks of the campaign for five of the nine seats on the Wake County school board.

There are five candidates (see below) who have pledged to refocus our school system on improving student performance, supporting the needs of teachers and principals, and implementing solutions that unite rather than divide our community. These five candidates must be elected to change the direction of the current school board majority.  If all five are not elected, things will remain as they have been for the past two years.  That is a scenario I don't believe any of us wants.

While there are major issues at stake, school board candidates are not household names. With Election Day (Oct. 11) just two weeks away, it is critical that voters understand their choices and get out to vote.  When they walk into the voting booth, voters need to be clear about which candidates are committed to putting Wake County on the right track. 

You can help ensure this happens. I am making a personal request to you to help support a targeted radio campaign for the final weeks of the campaign. The advertisement is aimed to ensure voters who want a new direction know the candidates who support their interests. Keith Sutton, a current member of the school board and a candidate for re-election in District 4, will record a radio advertisement that makes clear the four candidates who stand with him and who will work to put Wake County schools on the right track.

I am asking that you consider making a $100 donation—or whatever amount you can give—to support children, families, and a better direction for public education in Wake County. You can donate in two ways:



Make a check out to “The Committee to Elect Keith Sutton” and either give it to me in person or mail it to 1109 Paine Court, Raleigh, NC 27609.

Thank you in advance for taking action to support students and public education in Wake County.

The time is now. 

All my best,


JB Buxton


District 3: Kevin Hill         

District 4: Keith Sutton

District 5: Jim Martin

District 6: Christine Kushner

District 8: Susan Evans



Sutton and Education Secretary Arne Duncan

Sutton and U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan


Words of appreciation for Keith!


“…thank you for your enlightening talk to the Park Scholars during our preparation for our trip to Winston-Salem…Your role during the Learning Laboratory was an integral component as the Park Scholars explored how North Carolina educational leaders are working to narrow the gap in education and literacy caused by social disadvantages. You are certainly to be commended for your work in this area and we were fortunate to learn from you.”—Bob Frigo, Assistant Director


“Thank you…Although I have heard such harrowing statistics referencing black male achievement in public schools…, I definitely needed the refreshing wake-up call you provided to reignite many of my deepest ambitions and concerns.”--  Justin Mills, Park Scholar Class of 2014


“I am so appreciative of your support and steadfast commitment to our children. History will show that you were on the side of right and that you never wavered…It is comforting to know that you will never give up or back down. My sincere regards!”—Yevonne Brannon


“Thank you for sharing your Sunday evening to educate and enlighten our Raleigh-Wake Jack & Jill family. We greatly appreciate your service to our county.”—Adrienne Lumpkin, Jack & Jill of Wake County

“Stamina and forthrightness…”

“Just a note to thank you for the great job you are doing with the Wake County School Board.  We appreciate your stamina and forthrightness in the face of what seems to be great adversity…we wanted to assure you that you’re surrounded by many that support and join you in assuring that justice will prevail.”—Lillie R. Jones, on behalf of Covenant Community, Inc: A small church that is “Rooted in Justice”