A message from Keith

I am Keith Sutton, and I am pleased to announce my official candidacy for the District 4 seat on the Wake County Board of Education. Two years ago, I was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Rosa Gill, who now serves in the House of Representatives. Since then, I have worked hard to create education policies that support excellence and success for all students.

Because I understand the value of collaborative leadership, I know that my goal of earning this seat for a full, four-year term will not happen without your vote and continued support.

To date, we have accomplished the following:

  • We have maintained a school-based assignment system.
  • We have adjusted the system’s discipline policy to allow more flexibility for administrators and teachers, and fairness for students.
  • We have established partnerships between our schools and the business community that have brought resources to our schools and community.
  • We have fought to maintain policies that ensure a sound, basic education is provided to every student.
  • We have made a commitment to a budget that protects classrooms, promotes student achievement, and improves facility utilization.

As a principled advocate for children and families, I want the chance to continue this very important work and make a lasting difference in the following areas:

  • Student achievement—Closing academic achievement gaps should be job #1. Highly effective teachers and administrators, a rigorous and challenging curriculum, and parent/guardian involvement will help to ensure success for all of our students;
  • Finance/Budget—Resources and a per pupil spending formula that keeps our investment in education on pace with the growth in our district;
  • Recruitment and Retention of Quality Teachers—Professionals who are committed to the success of every student and for whom we can provide cutting-edge staff development is non-negotiable.

My commitment to making Wake County’s education system one of top choice for students, teachers, and stakeholders is made even stronger by my community and professional experience. I have served on the Wake County Public School System’s Healthy Schools Task Force; the Raising Achievement Closing Gaps Task Force; the Blue Ribbon Panel on the Future of Wake County sponsored by the Wake County Board of Commissioners; the Wake County Mayor’s Association; and, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. I have also served on the Board of Directors for the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

Currently, I am the Victim Advocate Liaison for the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission. Prior to that, I served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Triangle Urban League.

Please show your commitment to a superior education system and vote Keith Sutton, District 4, on October 11.