Wake School Board to Give Final Approval of Student Assignment Plan

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From the article:

"After weeks of parent input, the Wake County School Board is expected to give its final approval Tuesday to school assignments for next year. But board members will hear from any parents of students affected by the last minute changes.

This final approval comes after a long debate over the shuffling of close to 3,700 students. Five public hearings in more than a month brought out nearly 200 speakers, each parent with their own concerns.

Critics argue many of the changes are unnecessary and will create re-segregated, high-poverty schools. "In some respects, we were able to get some kids into schools that were closer to their homes and neighborhoods, but in doing so we created some situations where we have increased poverty levels at some of the schools," said Keith Sutton, a member of the Wake County School Board. "So that's going to present more challenges to the administration and students there."

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