Learning Lab I Focuses on Literacy and the Achievement Gap

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From the article:

"Learning Laboratory I is an experience designed and implemented by first-year Park Scholars that allows students to better understand the people, history, strengths, and challenges of North Carolina.

This spring, the Class of 2014 explored the topic of education, literacy, and the achievement gap. The group traveled to Winston-Salem to learn first-hand about what leaders are doing to narrow the gap in education and literacy caused by social disadvantages.

By engaging with individuals from former North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt, responsible for establishing the Smart Start program in the state, to teachers at a child development center, who spend each day developing and implementing curriculum, Park Scholars learned about the complexities connected to the issue.

Although there has been a dramatic rise in literacy in the state over the past century, the progression has been uneven due to factors involving race, gender, ethnicity, and income."

Read the entire article from Park Alumni Society Website.


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