Board Had No Plan for High Poverty Schools, says AdvancED

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From the article:

"'Unprofessional, unwise, unwarranted and everything else you can think of.'

That was Wake School Board District 4 member Keith Sutton’s blistering assessment of the AdvancEd accreditation review report’s finding last week that his Republican colleagues on the board, while willing to create more high poverty schools filled with economically disadvantaged children of color - courtesy of the GOP’s neighborhood schools policy - apparently had no intention of giving those schools the extra resources and staffing needed that AdvancEd was told by concerned school principals they must have.

Calling it a “very thorough report,” Sutton says AdvancED accurately captured the behavior of the Republican board majority over the past 14 months, and how it has impaired the total board’s ability to lead and provide proper governance to the school system.

In a statement, Board Chairman Ron Margiotta said he disagreed, '…with certain opinions expressed in the report, especially unfair characterizations of individual board members’ motives…'

As The Carolinian has reported in its ongoing multi-part series on the prospect of more high poverty schools in Wake County, the school board’s Republican majority flatly rejected an amendment to its neighborhood schools resolution on March 23rd, 2010 - a year ago this week - that if adopted then, would have mandated a cost analysis of what running high poverty schools in the system would require in terms of staffing, transportation and fiscal obligations."

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