Democrats Block Shuffle of Southeast Raleigh Students

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From the article:

"With federal Department of Education investigators converging on Raleigh to probe accusations of racial discrimination, Democrats on the Wake County school board succeeded Dec. 7 in stalling Republican-backed plans to reassign thousands of minority students next year closer to their homes in Southeast Raleigh.

'For us ... in the face of this investigation, to move 6,000 African-American kids not knowing what the impact will be on integration or segregation would be totally irresponsible and downright stupid,' said board member Keith Sutton.

Sutton and the other Democrats on the board passed a motion 4-3 to exclude more than 60 moves proposed by parents but not recommended by school administration. Vice chairwoman Debra Goldman, acting in Margiotta's stead, was unable to vote on the motion."

Read the entire article at the Garner-Clayton Record.



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